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Des Clinton (FRPS, FIPF, MFIAP) comes from Drogheda in Ireland. A teacher by profession, he has been a member of the Drogheda Photographic Club for over 40 years. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and the Irish Photographic Federation. In 2010 he gained the MFIAP Master’s distinction in photography with FIAP, the governing body of world photography. Des was awarded the prestigious RPS Fenton Medal for his photography in 2012. He was also enrolled as a member of the prestigious UK photography group “London Salon”.  


Des is presently chairperson of the Irish Photographic Federation’s distinction’s panel. He was also an assessor on the Royal Photographic Society’s Pictorial and Travel panels for a number of years. Des has been judging international salons of photography for over 25 years.

The Irish Photographic Federation was founded in 1977 when delegates from a number of photography clubs in Ireland met in the Royal Dublin Hotel in O’ Connell Street on 19th November 1977 and agreed to form the national IPF.  Des Clinton was elected the 1st president of IPF at this meeting and was re-elected on 2 later occasions.  

Des has photographed his native Ireland for over 35 years, photographing its people, the culture, the landscape, its natural history, life in a monastery, life in a convent, old derelict cottages, the Troubles, religious events etc. etc.   In the past few years Des has managed to spread his wings and visit places he always only dreamed of visiting and his challenge in photography nowadays is to photograph these countries as he did his beloved Ireland. Des was awarded the Master’s distinction MFIAP by FIAP for his documentary photography of the peoples of Eastern Europe.  Des likes all genres of photography.

Shown below are images taken by Des at various Irish horse fairs; from L-R, Smithfield  in Dublin, Muff  and Ballinasloe.

Des Clinton: Smithfiels Horse Fair
Des Clinton: Muff Horse Fair
Des Clinton: Horse Boy, Ballinasloe
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