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I have been taking photographs since the 1970s and my main interest has always been people in their environment. I like to show the environment of the people I photograph so that the viewer can understand the context of the photograph without titles or explanations.

These two images were taken at the Borris Fair in 2012 using a Nikon D5 camera and a 24-120 F4 Nikon lens. It was raining heavily for most of the day therefore the photographs were taken when the subjects were sheltering inside trailers. The camera was handheld using available light only and the ISO was set at 5000. As with most of my images, these two were taken at the wider zoom settings - one at 24 mm and the other at 32 mm. There are straight images without any digital manipulation.

I am a Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF) and an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS). My images have represented my Club and Country on numerous occasions and I have been awarded best image in national championships a number of times. (John Butler, July 2021)

Little Boy in Suit
Foal in Trailer
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