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"I joined the club during lock down in September 2020. I have always had an interest in taking photos but had no idea of the theory or actual practice in taking good images. Images over the years were taken on disposable cameras, mini compact or phones and were poor. I see photography as a great hobby and super to have brilliant memories and also to explore my creative side. 


The first 'real' camera I bought was in November 2020 - Canon EOS 2000D - still learning the ropes. I need to get to grips with settings and all aspects of the device. I also have a DJI mini 2 drone gifted to me recently and again getting to explore taking images from above. 

Martine Healy  Profile.jpeg

The Drogheda Photographic Club has been a wonderful help in the learning curve. I am only at the beginning of my journey.  I was delighted to be awarded Novice of the Year this year after only a few months. I am still not sure what my real specific genre is as I like a lot of styles. I have yet to be brave and  to take photos of people.

I am looking forward to my continued journey" (Martine, 2021)

Martine Healy: Cole's Tower, Melbourne
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