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My name is Tom O'Doherty and I joined the club in 2020. I have been taking photographs for many years, but only seriously as a hobby for the past 5 years or so. I love landscape photography because it gets me out and about and into the open spaces. I find that photography has given me a whole new appreciation of the world around us and I'm seeing things from a whole new perspective. Recently, I have been trying to develop my skills using artificial light, but this is still a work in progress. I find the people in Drogheda Photographic Club are so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful about all aspects of photography, that I have learned so much from them in my year with the club and am looking forward to improving and progressing my photography in the years to come. The photograph was taken quite near to where I live. I was struck by the colour in the field, and the contrast between the red sheds in the middle against the yellow rapeseed plants.

Tom O'Doherty: Rapeseed Field
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