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"I joined the club in 2012 after completing the camera course. I had just bought my first DSLR camera after trying various bridge cameras. I needed to get off auto mode and start using the other settings. I began entering the club competitions and the critique not only on my own entries but on other members' images helped me to improve my photography. Soon after, I was awarded my first gold medal in the regionals of the IPF Photographer of the Year, and received an Honourable Mention in the National Shield (in 2016). I applied for my Licentiate successfully in 2018 and received another Honourable Mention in the finals of the POTY in 2019.

I photography mainly sport and action events along with some candid and street photography. The image below left is titled 'Frosty Morning' and was taken at a hunt one morning after the horses had a gallop across the field. The image below right is titled 'Looking Out' and shows foxhounds looking out of a trailer." (Declan, 2021)

Declan Conaghan: Frosty Morning
Declan Conaghan: Looking Out
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