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Drogheda Photographic Club has come a long way in its 50 years.

Drogheda Photographic Club was established in 1971 at a meeting held in Scholes Lane. The club originally catered for both cine  and still photography.

In 1972 the club split into two, one pursuing cine photography and the other still photography. The latter was initially called the Drogheda Camera Club, later changing its name to Drogheda Photographic Club. Founding members of Drogheda Photographic Club were Paul Maher, Patsy Reilly, John Butler, Joe Dowdall, Joe Sarsfield and Pat Clarke.

The Club held its first exhibition in 1973. This has since become an annual feature interrupted only by the Covid 19 pandemic. The Club was one of the founder members of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF). Drogheda Photographic Club won the title of Best Club in Ireland on at least fifteen occasions at the National Club Championships organised by the IPF. 

The Club won the Bronze Medal in the Photography Clubs’ World Cup organised by Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique (FIAP) in 2013 and came fifth in the same competition in 2020.

Members of the Club have received awards in many national and international competitions over the years. Des Clinton, Judy Boyle, Gabriel O’Shaughnessy, Gerry Fitzgerald and John Butler have been awarded the Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF). Des Clinton, Judy Boyle and Gabriel O’Shaughnessy are also Fellows of the Royal Photographic Federation (FRPS). Of only five photographers in Ireland who have been awarded Masters of FIAP (MFIAP), three are members of the Drogheda Photographic Club – Des Clinton, Judy Boyle and Gabriel O’Shaughnessy (as at July 2021).

From its inception, the main objective of the Club has been to promote and encourage photography in Ireland. We encourage members to apply for distinctions with the IPF and provide classes each year for individuals who want to improve their photography. Experienced members are always willing to share their knowledge with new members.



Data Protection Policy

Drogheda Photographic Club Data Protection Policy | September 2018

Drogheda Photographic Club is a voluntary club, run as described in the Club Constitution and in data protection  terms, is a data controller. We use information which Club Members give us to help with the legitimate interests of running the Club, under the Data Protection Act 2018 (which incorporates the European Union General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR). 

The Club collects and processes members’ information such as name, address, telephone number(s), email address, dates of membership, photos submitted for competitions and events, competition scores and other information needed for Club administration and activities. 

The Club also keeps records of Members of the Committee, people offering their services to the Club (such as judges and lecturers) and prospective members, individuals attending workshops and courses organised by the Club, sponsors of competitions and events to help with the running of the Club. 

What this means in practice 
We list the names and positions of the Committee Members on the Club web site, as well as any contact information which they agree to publish. The Club programme is also available on the web site, including the name of anyone presenting or judging. We may also publish the images submitted for competitions, members’ names and scores. 
Records may be retained for historical record purposes and may be used periodically to maintain contact and communicate information about club events. Any individual on which the club holds details can request that their personal information is updated/corrected, deleted or anonymised. The Club undertakes to act on such requests as soon as practical and to confirm completion with the individuals concerned. We keep historical records about the 
Club, for example, the programme, competitions, award winners and membership numbers. 

Inter-Club events 

Participating in inter-club, national or international events may require personal information and images to be provided to another organisation and we will ask members to agree to this in advance. 

Anybody wishing to verify the information held on them by the Club must write to or email the Secretary. Unless a legitimate reason exists, a response will be provided as soon as practical and without charge.  Drogheda  Photographic Club will never share membership or other personal information with third parties for marketing including electronic marketing. 


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