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We will be updating this page with resource links and files that we feel might be useful - some of the files are available to site visitors while we have locked down others to club members only. Members will need to sign-up to access the files. If you have any questions on this, please contact Cath at

Yvonne Crawley has very kindly shared a number of texture files which can you download from the Textures folder (available to Club Members only) and use to apply a textured layer (or two!). If you have any questions on how to apply textures to an image, please get in touch with us; we regularly run public courses on all aspects of photography and post processing (a link to the current course can be accessed here). The files are roughly 12-14 Mb jpg files. As with any file on the internet, we strongly recommend that when downloading any files, you run a virus scan on your computer as standard practice.

Additionally, there is a file titled 'YCrawleyMarkingPresentation.pdf' - these are the notes from Yvonne's club presentation night on 6 Jan 2022. 

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