There are very few scenes that tempt landscape photographers more than a beautiful woodland setting which includes a river and waterfalls. On Saturday 6 November, a number of club members met up at the beautiful Tollymore Forest Park in County Down to capture the wonderful autumnal colours. Although drizzly at times, the weather was perfect for landscape and macro photography. Here is a small selection of images captured on the day.



The ASISA Foundation supports culture and diversity has established the largest international salon in Spain. As noted on their website, the ASISAFoto International Photography Contest (ASISAFoto) "has evolved during its 13 editions, incorporating new categories and expanding its borders to encourage the participation of photographers from all corners of the planet.Every year the organization of the contest classifies and evaluates snapshots that, beyond their great quality, tell countless stories that open the door to thousands of stories and different realities. That is why the photo gallery of our certámentes allows us to travel and learn about incredible events, through images of great artistic and narrative quality."

This year, club member, John Sheridan was awarded the Best Author prize bringing him to a hugely impressive grand total of 9 International Best Author wins in 2021. John says "It was an amazing year for me photography wise and being asked to judge the Spanish National Photography League really topped it off for me. Thanks to all the judges and committee members for this award. I am truly honoured."

For more about the ASISA Foundation and the completion, please click here. For more about John's work and for links to his social media accounts, please click here



The Ripper struck again in a Whodunnit Murder Mystery on Saturday 13 November. Some club members went to a great effort and were spotted out and about along with many other members of the public searching for clues.



On Saturday 19 June, club members headed off to Great Saltee island, a designated refuge for wild seabirds and which has been granted the status of Special Protection Area. The group of 11 made their own way to Kilmore Quay for a boat collection at 3 pm. The weather was fantastic making it a very enjoyable afternoon for all. With safety a priority, the group managed to shoot, photographically of course, puffins with mouthfuls of sand eels, gannets, guillemots and shags feeding and being very protective of their young. By 9pm, the group were back on board the boat to the mainland, and while they knew a long journey back to the North East lay ahead, they knew they had some amazing captures. [June 2021]



John won the Best Author Prize at the XLIII Concurso de Fotografia Vila d'Almnara VII Salon 2021 in Spain. John won a blue pin, a trophy and prize money as well as a FIAP awards for his images. He also won a FIAP Gold Medal for "Wolfhound Master" and a FIAP Silver Medal for "Pack Leader".


This brings a current total of 6 Blue Pins for Best Author Awards in International Salons so far in 2021. John is a multi-awards winning Landscape and Portrait photography from Kells, Co. Meath and has been a member of DPC since 2019. 

For more information about John's photographs, please click here. [June 2021]

John Sheridan Torrettes Trophy CROPPED.JPG


Judy is without a doubt one of the most successful photographers in Ireland. In April 2021, she was successful in a second IPF Fellowship award. 

Judy said that the inspiration for this panel came from a trip to her attic where she came across some of her daughter's childhood dolls. Taking images of these against a white background she then combined these with imagery from her own garden (flowers, paths etc.) and finished the delicate effect by applying textured layers. The finish depended entirely on the dolls and the personality she felt they exuded. 

For more information about Judy and her work, please click here. [April 2021]



Drogheda Photographic Club is one of the founder members of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF).  We are very proud of our long association with the IPF and, from the outset, we have been very active in promoting and supporting the organisation. The IPF is the national representative body of photographic clubs, societies and groups in Ireland. One of our best known members, Des Clinton, was the first President of the IPF.  Des also served two further terms in this role.  The President is elected by the IPF Council for a three year term of office, chairs Council meetings and has overall responsibility for the smooth running of the organisation.

We are delighted that another member of our Club, John Butler, was elected as President of the IPF at the March 2021 Council meeting. During his term of office  John is committed to continuing the excellent progress that the IPF has made over the years.  He looks forward to working with Council and our affiliated clubs, north and south of the border, to continue to promote photography in Ireland.  John’s election as President is a great honour for John and for our Club which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. You can read more about John on his site page by clicking here.

JB Image thumbnail_IMG_2490.jpg


Janice Mulligan | Red Deer Stag
Siobhan Englishby Black | Snowdrop

Janice Mulligan was successful at the National Distinctions with a beautiful nature panel. This panel (Which includes the Stag image) clearly reflects her love of nature and showcases her skill in capturing wildlife at its best. The images include of red deer stag, a red squirrel and a number of different species of wild birds. Janice decided to apply for her L Panel in February 2021 and was thrilled when it was successful. "Thanks for all the members who have helped me along the way", says Janice. For more information about Janice's photographs, please click here.


Siobhan Black's panel was a mix of portraiture, macro and creative images and includes the delicate image of the Snowdrop. "It was challenging to choose 10 photos that sat cohesively together, showed some variety and were all of an equally high standard. I was absolutely delighted to achieve the distinction", said Siobhan. For more information about Siobhan and her work, please click here. [March 2021]